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Cryptocurrencies – as a way to help homeless pets

Bitcoin to help animal shelter
Bitcoin to help animal shelter

Governments around the world are increasingly interested in developing the blockchain and adopting a digital currency for charity, although few have introduced clear rules regarding the new type of currency at the legislative level.

Blockchain's potential has become a solution for more equitable relief and distribution of donated funds and has been recognized by leading organizations around the world, including the United Nations and the Red Cross. In recent years, donations using cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more popularity and are of great benefit to humanity.

Today in the article we’ll talk about charity to help homeless pet, more specifically consider the Sterling Animal Shelter organization, what it does, and also about your opportunity to help needy animals.


Sterling Animal Shelter 

Animal Shelter Inc. from Sterling, Massachusetts USA, (also called Sterling Shelter) is a nonprofit homeless animal care organization that was founded in 1996. A shelter exists to provide humane and high-quality medical care to homeless and abandoned pets, as well as to find them loving homes for life.

"Our staff is looking for good and loving homes for abandoned pets. We do everything necessary so that our pets do not need anything and are healthy."

The shelter is maintained solely by donations from individuals, as well as by transferring pets into good hands. Animal Shelter, Inc. does not receive support from the United Way global charitable organization or from federal, state, or local governments.

The local veterinary clinic, Sterling Shelter, cares for more than 3,000 animals that pass through the shelter annually and provides low-cost sterilization and a general recovery program, as well as helping animal control, shelter and breed rescue services.

Sterling Animal Shelter is a family-owned animal shelter with progressive programs that improve lives by raising the bar for animal care in our shelter and society.

"We share the belief that we can help more animals only through active and compassionate work with people."

"All of our programs and services reflect our belief that humans and animals are good by nature. We strive to create a free from judgment and caring environment for all members of the community who need our services, regardless of whether they rent a pet, accept or use our low-cost services."

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Help shelter and payment methods

Sterling Animal Shelter started cryptocurrency reception in early 2017, for several reasons: this is development and advancement in new technologies, it can be profitable from a tax point of view, and the technology on which the currency is built can simplify the idea of ​​how it is used donation, making them more transparent.

After all, cryptocurrencies use blockchain, a digital register that records transactions. Usually, when someone pays cash for a product in a store, only the buyer and seller see the transaction. Using the blockchain, a transaction is recorded in a digital register in almost real time, which everyone can see. It is also not possible to change transaction details.

With everything being tracked, people can easily see that their payments have passed from their digital wallets to charity organizations.

"For us, this is a new open and opportunity to get help from people with digital currency savings who are ready to do something good for the world" – Sterling Animal Shelter

Fundraising is carried out in Bitcoins to the organization’s wallet. The funds collected will be converted into US dollars for free, and then will be allocated to current needs for medical care or housing for animals.

You can help the shelter using the site on the "donate" page.

Payment by Bitcoins, at the wallet address indicated on the site.

 And also help the shelter by possibly purchasing the necessary goods at AMAZON: "We finally created our STERLING SHELTER page on AMAZON – making payments is very easy now, you just need to follow the link and you will see what the shelter needs most."

Sterling Animal Shelter opens the door to all caring people, and the pets are happy to welcome guests. Those who cannot help financially can join a group of volunteers to carry out cleaning work and support the living conditions of the shelter.

"And also we always look forward to visiting those who just want to spend time with our pets and give them attention and care." – Sterling Animal Shelter.

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