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Financial geography. World’s largest mining farms

World’s biggest mining farms: Financial geography
World’s biggest mining farms: Financial geography

Along with the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, commercial enterprises for mining have begun to develop actively. They are called mining farms. In today's article from the weekly column "Financial Geography," we will talk about where the largest data centers for getting cryptocurrency are located.


Dalian mining farm in China

Dalian was launched in 2016 in northeastern China. At the same time, the development of a mining farm began in 2015. Hash rate in Dalian mining farm is about 400 TH per day, with an overall performance of 800 Bitcoins per month. It is worth noting that such a huge farm requires a large amount of electricity. Dalian burns electricity worth about $1.5 million per month (at a cost of 4 cents per 1 kW).

Dalian farm occupies a large three-story building, and four ventilation shafts provide ventilation. Cryptocurrency mining is performed with the help of 3000 units of equipment. With such high power, the total remuneration for miners is at least $2.7 million per month.


Bitmain Ordos mining center in Mongolia

Ordos mining data center is located on the territory of the Mongolian San Shang Liang industrial park. The Chinese company Bitmain, which is considered the largest manufacturer of mining equipment in the world, owns the farm.

Regarding the farm, it is considered one of the largest in the world. Using the most popular mining algorithms, Ordos is capable of extracting cryptocurrency in the amount of $250,000 in 24 hours.

At the same time, the farm consists of 25 thousand miners who serve about 160 people. The cost of consumed electricity is also surprising. The cost of mining from Bitmain Ordos is about $40 thousand a month.


Mining farm in Linthal, Switzerland

The farm was launched quite recently, only at the end of 2016. Earlier, part of the equipment was located in the city of Zurich. With the rise in prices of electricity and the tightening of local financial regulators, the owner of the company changed location. Guido Rudolphi, the owner of the farm and a large cryptocurrency mining business, moved the farm to Linthal due to low electricity prices.

Linthal is considered the largest cryptocurrency mining farm in Switzerland. Information on the amount of computing power in Lintal is unknown. The owner of the farm does not disclose details of its work.


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