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Useful crypto investments: “Gift a Life” – charitable organization

Donate to “Gift a Life” with cryptocurrency
Donate to “Gift a Life” with cryptocurrency

Russia's largest charitable foundation “Podari Zhizn” (translated as “gift a life”) was established on November 26, 2006 by actresses Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova. The main tasks of the organization are to raise funds for the treatment and rehabilitation of children with oncological and hematological diseases, as well as provide financial assistance to specialized clinics.

In this article, we will talk about the foundation of the organization, its responsibilities, and activities. We will see how to help the children with the use of cryptocurrency and what benefits the blockchain technology brings to charity.


Sister organization: Podari.Life

The Podari.Life Foundation is the sister organization of “Podari Zhizn” in the United States, registered in 2015. In 2016, the organization opened a Bitcoin wallet on the Coinbase platform. The fund collects money for educational programs to increase the professional level of Russian doctors and adapt the most modern advances in oncology in Russian clinics.



The foundation assists children from the following medical institutions: Dmitry Rogachev National Hematology, Oncology, and Immunology Research Center, Russian Children's Clinical Hospital, Russian Scientific Center of Roentgen Radiology, Burdenko Moscow Regional Clinical Clinic for Neurosurgery, Morozov Children's City Clinical Hospital, Botkin Moscow City Hospital.

The foundation also continues to organize annual concerts to support children. In 2012, the founders were awarded the “Nika” Special Prize “For Humanism” from the Council of the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Science.


How to help the foundation with the cryptocurrency?

The fund has updated the procedure of processing donations. Now, those who wish to conduct financial assistance have an opportunity to do this with the help of cryptocurrency.

Donations are paid through the Podari.Life partner fund in the USA.

Podari.Life has opened a Bitcoin wallet on the Coinbase platform, which is the largest platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies and the service wallet. Besides Bitcoins, the American fund accepts two other popular cryptocurrencies: Ethereum and Litecoin.

Many foreign foundations have crypto wallets: Greenpeace, Save the Children, United Way, for example. Thus, donations can be received from any country quickly, without limiting the amount, and without extra fees.

All received digital currencies are converted into US dollars and then sent to the “Podari Zhizn” fund in Russia.

As noted, the Coinbase platform is regulated by US law, where operations with cryptocurrency are officially allowed.


Cryptocurrency for the benefit

“We were the first of Russian foundations to start helping our wards with donations received in digital currency to the Bitcoin wallet of our partnering organization in the USA”, said Grigory Mazmanyants, executive director.

He added, “Digital money is becoming more and more popular. If it is convenient for someone to donate this way, why not provide such an opportunity and not organize another way to aid our wards. Moreover, the blockchain meets the principles that have always been important: transparency and a reduction in commission for transactions.”

“By providing more types of cryptocurrency donations, we give investors an opportunity to realize tax deductions and invest more in their chosen charitable organization, based on the growth of their cryptocurrencies.” – Fund managers.

The foundation works with The Giving Block, an expert in this technology, to expand the use of the blockchain.


Adding this new donation method is the first step in exploring how new technologies, such as the blockchain, can help do more for people.


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