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Top 5 travel agencies that accept Bitcoin

Tourism for Bitcoin: TOP-5 agencies
Tourism for Bitcoin: TOP-5 agencies

Today it is unlikely anyone will be surprised by purchases for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins. However, some services have already started selling for crypto, not only goods, but also services. For example, tourist services are gaining popularity, which accept Bitcoin to pay for a tour, guide services and guides, and, of course, to plan a trip itinerary.

In this article we consider the most popular and reliable travel agencies, where anyone can book a tour or vacation for digital money.



Travel For Coins is an intermediary service that accepts Bitcoin payments (as well as other cryptocurrencies) to buy tickets, book a hotel room, and pay for guide services.

The principle of the service is that the client can pay for his journey with cryptocurrency, even in cases where the seller of services does not accept crypto. Travel For Coins instantly converts digital money, which gives Bitcoin reservation to all corners of the world.



Future Travel is a holding company with headquarters in Vietnam. Cryptocurrency travel agency was created in 2011, together with the beginning of the existence of digital money.

Currently, the service cooperates with more than 500,000 resorts and tourist bases. Speaking of relocation, Future Travel works with more than 300 carriers around the world. You can book a trip in any part of the world simply by filling out a form on the agency's website and paying for services. By the way, the company even provides seven types of insurance.


Star Jets International

Star Jets International is an American company for booking air tickets, as well as for renting private jets. Of course, initially payment for flights was available only in fiat money, but over time, the service began to provide its services for cryptocurrency.

Currently VIP flights are available for Bitcoins and Ethereum. In the future, the service is going to expand the range of crypto for payment. At the same time, Star Jets International has access to more than 15 thousand jets.

Interesting in the section: Ethereum Classic, as a worthy member of the cryptocurrency market



Hotelgo24 is an Internet site that provides access to almost every hotel room in the world. The site accepts payment of more than ten types of cryptocurrency, among which, of course, the first crypto-coin Bitcoin. In addition, the site has a built-in cache function in crypto.

By the way, this is the first service in the world that began charging cashback in digital money. When paying the hotel for Bitcoins, the return amount can reach 5%.



Expedia is a global online travel agency with over 4 million regular customers over the past few years. Among the hotels that the agency offers are hotels on Catalina Island, Florida "Keys Resorts", hotel chains in Galveston, accommodation in Disney World and near Disneyland, rooms in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami Beach, Nashville, Portland and many more.

In addition, the service offers air tickets, car rental, sea cruises, round-the-world tours.

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