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Eating for cryptocurrencies: shops and restaurants that accept Bitcoins

Where to eat for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin
Where to eat for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin

Today, cryptocurrency began to be used almost like ordinary (fiat) money. It is even possible to buy a car or a house using digital assets. At the same time, Bitcoin is also popular for everyday purchases, such as clothes or food. This article will talk about food and places where you can eat using digital money.


"Delicious Bitcoin," or where to eat for crypto

Interestingly, pizza is the first item that was bought for Bitcoins. The historical purchase took place back in 2011; it is still considered a symbol of Bitcoin trading. By the way, recently, on May 22, the crypto community celebrated Pizza Day.

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Pizzaforcoins California delivery service is the largest service that operates throughout the United States. Customers can order pizza delivery for Bitcoins from the most popular restaurant chains, such as Papa John’s or Domino’s.

Takeaway is a worldwide food delivery network, which is actively operating in more than ten countries. The main office is located in Amsterdam. Delivery service offers its customers a huge selection of varied food with incredibly fast delivery for cryptocurrencies.

I Want to Eat is a Russian food delivery service, which offers a huge menu for cryptocurrency. Here, having Bitcoins or Ethereum, you can order even exclusive cakes or lobsters. In addition, the platform offers classic delicacies (oysters, foie gras) or standard dishes (burgers, salads, and sushi).

Lieferando is a website where you can order a variety of dishes for cryptocurrency. The company’s central office is located in Berlin, but the food delivery service also functions in other parts of Germany: Hamburg, Munich, Dresden, Frankfurt, etc. In addition, one of Dutch investment companies acquired the service four years ago, so now it operates in Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Romania, and Portugal.

Shuttle Delivery Blockchain Platform is a service for ordering and delivering food in South Korea. The main office is located in Seoul. At the same time, the work of the service extends to four more cities. The company supports Bitcoin and Litecoin; it also cooperates with more than 300 restaurants in South Korea.

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Food delivery companies accepting crypto

​Buying goods and services using paper currency is outdated. But purchases using cryptocurrency are developing and gaining popularity every day. The number of online stores that allow crypto payment is increasing and today you can find all the products you need. Cryptocurrency purchases are available from apartments and cars to pizza or hamburger on food delivery sites.