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Get dressed for Bitcoins: where and how to buy clothes for cryptocurrencies

Buy clothes for cryptocurrency and Bitcoins
Buy clothes for cryptocurrency and Bitcoins

In the modern world, Bitcoin and other altcoins have already become valuable means of payment. You can even buy premium cars for cryptocurrency. Manufacturers and sellers of fashionable clothes do not lag the fashion trends and began to accept digital money for payment.


Clothing and accessories for cryptocurrency

Beloved, the brand clothing store, offers a large selection of women's and teenage clothes. Since 2017, the service has added payment for goods with cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin and Ethereum. Delivery of goods is available to any country in the world. It is important to note that the calculation of digital assets is available exclusively in the online version of the store, and not in the stationary branches.

The Cloudy Sky Leatherworks online store offers its customers branded leather wallets, straps, as well as handbags. You can pay for purchases with Bitcoins. The store does not have stationary branches, where they accept crypto, and the production warehouse is in Germany. The service has been supporting Bitcoin payments since the beginning of 2018.

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Fancy, an American online hypermarket, offers its customers a very diverse product that can be purchased for Bitcoins and Ethereum. The store offers: furniture, clothes, accessories, dishes and even interior items. The crypto shopping service was added in 2017 and is very popular.

A popular brand of T-shirts Orbit Streetwear, tops and sweatshirts, which in 2016 accepts Bitcoins and other altcoins. Delivery of purchases is possible worldwide. The clothes will be sent immediately after the order and the buyer making a cryptocurrency payment.

Tortuga Backpacks is an American store that accepts over ten types of cryptocurrency. The online service offers branded backpacks, bags, suitcases and other travel goods. Worldwide shipping, as well as stationary offices in China and America.

In fact, there are many more shops in the world that accept cryptocurrencies. In addition to official sites, anyone willing to spend Bitcoins can use sites and intermediaries, such as Amazon. Recall that we have already published a list of shops and intermediaries where you can pay for goods and services with digital money.

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