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Shops and sites where you can pay with cryptocurrencies – Ebay, Amazon, OpenBazaar and others

List of websites and shops where cryptocurrency is accepted for payment
List of websites and shops where cryptocurrency is accepted for payment

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly capturing the global financial market. With the development of digital money, new services have appeared where it is possible to sell cryptocurrency assets. Today it is no longer a problem to buy or sell something for Bitcoin or other altcoins.

Cryptobit Media editorial has prepared a list of stores, services and sites where you can make purchases for cryptocurrency.


OpenBazaar shopping and selling platform

OpenBazaar Marketplace is a peer-to-peer decentralized platform for "pseudonymous trade without censorship." Marketplace allows you to specify the value of goods in cryptocurrency and fiat money. Calculation during purchases takes place without commission, and the service is free.

Anyone who owns cryptocurrency assets, it will be convenient and easy to buy on this platform in the desktop version, or by downloading a special Duosearch mobile application. Recall that recently representatives of OpenBazaar reported on the development of a social network based on a platform with built-in crypto-payments 


Ebay online-store

Ebay, the American online store, offers purchases not only for fiat money, but also for cryptocurrency assets. At the same time, on Ebay, you can pay with cryptocurrencies not only for the goods, but also during online auctions.

Since Ebay is a multinational marketplace, you can even pay for the services of specialists from other countries in crypto.


Spendabit – product search engine

The Spendabit search platform for products helps to find the necessary commodity lots in all types of calculations. So, thanks to Spendabit, anyone can find goods and services that can be paid in Bitcoins or other altcoins.

The search engine works with entire platforms that accept crypto-payments, and with individual retailers.

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Amazon online-store

The Amazon American platform is one of the first services that engaged in online commerce. Amazon is also a pioneer in digital money trading. In the store you can buy not only goods for crypto, but also gift certificates for real consumer goods.

Recall that the Paxful Internet service said that most sales transactions in Africa are made using iTunes and Amazon gift cards (using cryptocurrency).


Coinmap – store map

Coinmap, the service for searching stores, offers its users a list of all points of exchange, sales, purchases of cryptocurrency. The system is built in the form of a world map, where trading platforms are displayed, where you can pay with cryptocurrencies. In addition, Coinmap also shows the location of the nearest Bitcoin ATMs and coin conversion centers.

Coinmap is available in desktop and mobile versions

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