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Cryptocurrency billionaires. TOP 5 people who got rich in the crypto-sphere

5 people who became cryptocurrency billionaires
5 people who became cryptocurrency billionaires

Cryptocurrency sphere is developing every day. The total value of crypto-assets is measured in billions of dollars, and the number of various blockchain platforms can be considered hundreds of thousands. Naturally, millionaires, stars and popular personalities have already appeared in the new popular financial sphere.

The editorial staff of Cryptobit Media has prepared for its readers a list-rating of the most famous and wealthy figures of the cryptocurrency industry.


Chris Larsen (Ripple)

Chris Larsen is an American businessman, programmer, creator of the Ripple payment system and the XRP token. In 2012, he created the Ripple Labs company, which already six months later released the popular cryptocurrency (third place in terms of capitalization in CoinMarketCap).

Last year, Larsen was in the top 400 richest people in the world according to Forbes. The state of the crypto-billionaire is estimated at 3.1 billion dollars.

Recall that in April of this year, Ripple joined the European blockchain association.


Joseph Lubin (Ethereum, ConsenSys)

Joseph Lubin is a specialist in robotics and neural networks. He is one of the founders of the Ethereum blockchain platform, as well as the creator of the ConsenSys project (Ethereum venture partner). Lubin began his career in the field of trading and exchange activities. In 2012, he developed his own hedge fund. In his resume, he has the mark of a top manager at Goldman Sachs.

Joseph Lubin's fortune is estimated at $ 3 billion.

Recall that the Lubin’s company, ConsenSys, recently invested a decent amount in an Internet startup.

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Winklevoss brothers (Gemini)

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are American businessmen and the founders of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange (average daily trading volume of $ 27 million). The twins became one of the first Bitcoin investors, investing about 10 million US dollars in cryptocurrency (1% of the total cryptocurrency issue). Thanks to this contribution, now Winklevoss are considered cryptocurrency billionaires.

According to information in Forbes, the Winklevoss crypto-state is about $ 2.2 billion. In addition, the twins have become known for high-profile court proceedings with Mark Zuckerberg regarding copyright to Facebook.

Recall that the Winklevoss crypto-exchange, Gemini, began to cooperate with the broker community of British Telecommunications (BT) Radianz Cloud. 


Changpen Zhao (Binance)

Changpen Zhao is a Chinese cryptocurrency popularizer, a software engineer, and also a co-founder of the Binance cryptocurrency (third place in terms of trading in the CoinMarketCap rating).

In addition, Changpen Zhao is the CEO of BijieTech, as well as the co-founder of the OKCoin crypto-exchange and the Fusion Systems crypto-company. He is currently the head of information technology at the Bloomberg Tradebook Futures.

Zhao's fortune is estimated at $ 2 billion in cryptocurrency and shares of several large cryptocurrency companies.

Recall, on March 1, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, which is headed by Zhao, announced the following IEO.


Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum)

Vitaly Dmitrievich Buterin is a Russian-Canadian programmer, creator of the Ethereum platform and editor of the Bitcoin Magazine. In 2014, he developed a system of smart-contracts, and in 2015 he created the Ethereum platform. Now, the Ethereum coin is the second in terms of capitalization (according to CoinMarketCap statistics). The cost of one ETH token is $ 177.

By his 25 years, according to Forbes 2018 rating, he earned more than 500 million dollars and got 17th place in the list of the richest people in the world in 2018.

Recall that on April 4, Buterin entered a debate on cryptocurrency with "Dr. Doom" Nouriel Roubini.


Editor: Godfrid Brower

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