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Apartment for Bitcoins. Where you can buy a housing for cryptocurrency

Housing for Bitcoin, or real estate for cryptocurrency
Housing for Bitcoin, or real estate for cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has become a popular currency of the modern world. It has long been no secret that cryptocurrency is not a cheap thing. At the same time, many people, knowing the high cost of digital coins, do not know how and where to spend digital assets.

The editorial staff of Cryptobit Media has prepared very interesting material for its readers about large purchases for cryptocurrency. Today we'll talk – where you can buy real estate for BTC and altcoins.

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Apartment for crypto – Dubai and Japan

For the first time, housing for cryptocurrency was acquired in Texas in 2016. It was an unofficial deal, and therefore accurate information about it was not saved. But since then, many large construction companies have begun to offer real estate for crypto.

Recently it became known that in Dubai you can buy an apartment in Burj Khalif and the highest houses in the world for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Emaar Properties began selling square meters for cryptocurrency at the beginning of this year.

Another developer from the UAE, a large construction corporation, Knox Group, offers its customers to buy an apartment for Bitcoins. For example, a small studio apartment will cost 35 BTC, and a standard one-room – 57 BTC. In addition, the company said it would soon accept other digital assets as payment.

In Japan, they also sell real estate for crypto. For example, Yitanzi, the Tokyo-based firm, which sells real estate, reported on a commercial building in Tokyo. The cost of the building was 547 BTC. At the beginning of 2018 amounted to 6 million dollars.

In addition, apartments for Bitcoin can be bought in the United States. Magnum Real Estate Group property developer from New York announced support for crypto-payments. Also the sale of premises for crypto has become popular in Riga, Latvia.

Apartment for Bitcoins in Miami

Mikhail Komaransky, a resident of Coral Gables in Miami, sold his house for the Bitcoins. This is not the first case for the city, but it was he who became actively discussed in the press. In January 2018, at a rate of 10 thousand dollars to 1 Bitcoin, the whole house was sold.

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The total cost of the structure was 455 Bitcoins, which at the time was equal to 6 million dollars. The size of the sold house with a plot is 900 square meters. This deal began to be actively discussed due to a sharp drop in the rate a week after the sale. Then Bitcoin collapsed by almost 37% (up to 6,1 thousand dollars per coin).

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