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Rappers, Bitcoin and Grandma's Gift. 5 interesting facts about cryptocurrency

5 interesting facts from the cryptocurrency sphere
5 interesting facts from the cryptocurrency sphere

Recently, cryptocurrencies have become not just a means of payment, but also a global trend. Today you can find many interesting stories about incidents, funny and incredible cases that are directly related to crypto.

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Our edition has prepared a short list of interesting stories and facts that will surely interest readers!


Crypto-rap, or how 50 Cent earned 700 Bitcoins

Gold chains, villas, yachts and girls in bathing suits – 50 Cent rapper also did not refuse a couple of Bitcoins. As it became known, the popular rapper began selling his albums for cryptocurrency back in 2014, earning 700 Bitcoins. Already in 2017, previously called a bankrupt, the performer discovered that he was fabulously rich. But 50 Cent did not admit to its creditors about its crypto-state.


Grandma's gift made a teenager a millionaire

Erik Finman, the world's first millionaire teenager who became rich on Bitcoins. As the boy said, the grandmother gave him $ 1,000 for his birthday. The clever boy did not spend them on toys but listened to the advice of his elder brother and invested money in crypto. Within a few years, the young Erik Finman became a millionaire. Today, Finman launched his own startup and moved to Silicon Valley, where he often lectures on how to invest in crypto.


Monopoly is not the same... Children's game about mining

Mine must be from childhood – probably the Boolba Entertainment company decided so and released a mining-simulation game for children and teenagers. According to the description of the game, the launch of which took place at the end of 2018, it demonstrates a rapidly growing and developing cryptocurrency market. "It's something like a monopoly, but modern," said one of the developers. The game is called True Mining Simulator and works on PS4. Today everyone can download it.


10,000 BTC for pizza

10,000 Bitcoins were "eaten" by American Laszlo Heinitz in 2010. Read more here. When Bitcoin was not yet so popular, Heinitz in one of the chat rooms for programmers offered to give 10,000 Bitcoins for pizza. One of the chat participants sent Laszlo a pizza, and he sent him money...

A few years later, when digital gold became truly expensive, the Midex cryptocurrency exchange presented Heinitz with two pizzas and a thousand MDX coins. By the way, a postcard was attached to the pizza with a request not to spend crypto on nonsense.

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Nightmares of Mark Frauenfelder

American financial journalist Mark Frauenfelder bought 7 Bitcoins back in 2016, spending $ 3,000 to buy. Then, for the coins to be exactly in integrity and safety, Frauenfelder purchased the Trezor hardware wallet, and wrote the keys on a piece of paper. The price of Bitcoin grew, $ 3,000 turned into $ 30,000. Frauenfelder was so afraid of losing access to coins that he was constantly hiding the key. When he and his wife decided to travel, he hid a paper with written keys under the pillow of his daughter ...

Upon arrival, he did not find the keys, the cleaning lady threw them away.

Mark Frauenfelder was able to get his money back only after 8 months. During this time, the journalist managed to acquire several mental disorders. Every day he went through the trash in the tanks, searching for his lost code.

Cryptocurrencies become part of our world, and we can only accept this fact! Read more about all the news of the crypto-world on our website.

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