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What you did not know about cryptocurrency. 7 interesting facts from the world of digital money

7 interesting facts about cryptocurrency, which you did not know
7 interesting facts about cryptocurrency, which you did not know

Cryptocurrencies have become a new trend of the 21st century. Today, it is not so easy to find a person who has not heard about the decentralization of the financial system, Bitcoin or mining. Our editorial Cryptobit.Media has prepared for all crypto-enthusiasts and just fans to learn something new some of the most interesting facts about cryptocurrency.

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Nobel Prize for Bitcoin

The unknown creator of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, was nominated for the Nobel Prize from the economy in 2016. In response to the offer to reveal his identity and receive a reward, the mysterious programmer sent a message: "I am not hiding. Getting the Nobel Prize for the invention of Bitcoin and the blockchain is not my main goal."

As is known, the identity of the creator of the crypto-sphere has not yet been disclosed, shrouded in secrets and conjectures.


Liberland is a self-proclaimed state of crypto-lovers

The Free Republic of Liberland (popularly called Liberland) is a small, self-proclaimed state between Serbia and Croatia. The territory of the new state is only 7 square kilometers. Czech politician Vít Jedlička created this free mini-country. Interestingly, the national reserve currency of the state since 2016 is Bitcoin. In this case, in Liberland, other cryptocurrencies can also be calculated.



The new currency has given birth to new millionaires. Of course, the first richest owner of Bitcoin was its creator Satoshi Nakamoto. But besides him, the top five most successful crypto-owners included: Roger Ver (52 million BTC), Charlie Shrem (45 million BTC), Dave Carlson (35 million BTC).


Into the Universe with Bitcoin

The space tourism guru, an Englishman, Sir Richard Branson, will accept payments in Bitcoins for walks in orbit. The Virgin Galactic sightseeing spacecraft has 6 people on board who can pay Bitcoins for a flight.

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How to live on crypto? 90 days for BTC

In 2013, the newlyweds Austin Craig and Bessie Bingham broke the record of time spent on digital money. The young couple decided to live the first 90 days of married life for the Bitcoins. It is noteworthy that they went to restaurants, paid for housing and bought food. In addition, the newlyweds celebrated their honeymoon also for the BTC.


Liaoning – the largest crypto farm

As the young couple showed, living for Bitcoin is real. Now let's talk about how you can earn the largest amount of crypto-coins on the world's largest mining farm. A record cryptocurrency farm is in the North-East of China in the province of Liaoning. The mining installation system is divided into 4 mines, which are identical in size to three-story buildings. Each mine has more than 3000 Asic-processors. That is, the total number of installations is 12,000.


Imprisoned for Bitcoin

Now, there are only four states that consider using cryptocurrency as a crime. At the end of 2018, for Bitcoin, you can go to jail in Nepal, Bolivia, Algeria and Bangladesh. Any use of cryptocurrency in these countries is criminalized and strictly controlled by the criminal code.

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