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GUIminer multifunctional miner for Bitcoin

GUIminer is a multifunctional Bitcoin mining solution
GUIminer is a multifunctional Bitcoin mining solution

The GUIminer mining program is an excellent solution for those who have just started cryptocurrency mining. The miner is suitable for Bitcoin and Lightcoin mining. GUIminer is a multi-application, as it is suitable for mining coins and using the GPU (graphics processor unit, video card), and with the CPU (central processing unit).

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Program description

GUIminer is a graphical program with a user-friendly interface for Bitcoin and Lightcoin mining. Mining on the GPU supports the work with such video cards as AMD and NVIDIA. A function for mining on the CPU is also available.

This program is perfect for beginners. For those who are not oriented in mining pools, GUIminer will "prompt" the right choice. Miner has a built-in list of pools with brief descriptions, ratings and requirements. In addition, GUIminer allows mine without a pool (solo mining).


Mining in Windows

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GUIminer is one of the most convenient Bitcoin mining options for Windows. A multifunctional GUIminer graphical interface allows miner to fully control the Bitcoin mining process. At the same time, during mining, there is no need to edit configuration files and enter additional settings (updated on their own).

Useful tools include a list of pools with ratings and indicators, a "hashing" rate notifier (currently and a total figure for a selected time period), automatic launch of additional miner applications, account display (in a pool or personal), mining statistics.

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