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Ufasoft Miner mining-application – a solution for advanced users

The solution for an experienced miner is the Ufasoft Miner program
The solution for an experienced miner is the Ufasoft Miner program

Console Ufasoft Miner mining-program is an application for mining cryptocurrency without a shell and interface. A program may seem complicated to novice miners, but in fact Ufasoft Miner does not require the introduction of complex program commands.

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Ufasoft Miner program description

Mining with Ufasoft Miner is fast enough, for example, when using an Intel i7 930@4.2 Ghz processor, about 20 MH/s is obtained. Cons of the program: it has no functions for accelerating the GPU (graphics processor unit). But at the same time, it uses the CPU (central processor unit) and the implemented optimization for SSE (streaming SIMD expansion).

Ufasoft Miner will be appreciated by experienced users. The program has several advantages, including: the ability to self-install variable data of the video card, independently change the password, login, number of threads (Simultaneous Multi-Threading, SMT) and cores (if using an Intel processor). That is, the computing ability of a video card can be changed manually.

According to the initial work settings, Ufasoft Miner has a stopping temperature of 83 degrees (Fahrenheit), but the limit can be changed. At the same time, the program has a built-in support "Long-Poling" mode which can be turned off if desired. In addition to the above capabilities, the mining program is equipped with functions for quickly changing the addresses of pools.

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Ufasoft Miner Install

Ufasoft Miner is easy to install. First, the user must go to the official website and select the version of the program (depending on the OS and PC), then download. At the end of the download, you must open the archive and enter the data into the installer. Then unzip again, and in the program folder create a separate file – start.cmd, which can be opened via notepad.

In the received document you just need to register a line (example for Bitcoin mining): start bitcoin-miner -t 4 -v -g no -u "login" -p "pass" -o http: // POOL: 8332. Where t is the number of cores and threads; o – pool address; g – "yes" or "no", use a video card; u – private login; p – specify a personal password.

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