Publications about cryptocurrency and mining

28/11/19 11:17 UTC-5
CryptEUREKAQuantum computers compete with blockchain in storing information

Data keepers: quantum computers versus blockchain

$5 million was raised by the Arweave project, which is developing the idea of ​​storing network files. Large companies provided financial support: Andreessen Horowitz, Multicoin Capital, Techstars. The amount of depositors proves that the problem of storing information in the near future will become relevant. However, quantum computers compete with blockchain.

19/11/19 08:17 UTC-5
CharityBlockchain against poaching

Blockchain technology is able to preserve the world's animal population

The consequences of environmental crime and illegal trade are enormous and often irreversible. Environmental issues are at the forefront of the political agenda in many countries. These problems led to the mass extinction of animals on the planet. Wildlife poaching has also become more rampant and unpunished. As a result, thriving wildlife has now become endangered.

13/11/19 07:04 UTC-5
CryptoGEOThe great crypto-plane of China

Financial geography: the great crypto-plan of China

The country with the largest population, which ranks third in territory and has one of the largest gold and currency reserves in the world, is intensively developing the cryptocurrency industry. A potential superpower, China, whose economy is second only to the United States, believes that cryptocurrencies are a valuable asset that can provide a safe haven for investment and attract foreign investment.

07/11/19 08:18 UTC-5
CharityBlockchain against logging

Blockchain is fighting illegal logging in the world

Blockchain, the technology underlying cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, has been named one of the greatest inventions in recent history. The interest in blockchain technology has spread everywhere, is actively continuing its development in the world and carries with it countless work aimed at improving our life and ecology.

01/11/19 10:55 UTC-5
CryptEUREKAWhat will happen after the extraction of all Bitcoin coins

What will happen when 21 million Bitcoins are mined?

Bitcoin is a lot like gold. Like gold, Bitcoin cannot simply be created arbitrarily. Gold must be mined from underground, and cryptocurrency must be mined digitally. Related to this process is a condition stated by the founders of Bitcoin that, like gold, cryptocurrency has a limited amount.

24/10/19 08:14 UTC-5
CryptocurrencyBlockchain education: where to study to get $158,000

Blockchain Master: which diplomas guarantee an average of $158,000

Glassdoor Economic Research, an American resource, found that in the blockchain industry, the number of jobs increased by 300% compared to last year. Even the decrease in the price of Bitcoin in the previous month did not affect the desire of companies to develop the cryptocurrency sphere. Applicants are attracted by wages – $157,893 per year. Future blockchain engineers and developers are studying institutions where to get a diploma guaranteeing employment and profit.

19/10/19 02:59 UTC-5
CryptoGEOCryptocurrency revolution of France

Financial geography: the cryptocurrency revolution of France

A transcontinental state with a deep history, great creative heritage, picturesque alpine streets and lavender fields is one of the most economically developed in the world. France occupies a leading position in the top ten in the total economy among countries and second place in the European Union.

09/10/19 09:50 UTC-5
CryptEUREKAHow quantum technologies will change the cryptocurrency market

How quantum technologies will affect cryptocurrency: what Google doesn’t say

​A document announcing Google’s achievements in quantum computing has appeared on NASA’s official website. Emphasis was put on the fact that technologies are threatening the crypto industry. The document has been deleted, but analysts attribute the report to the further decline in Bitcoin’s rate. In this review, we’ll observe what fate awaits the cryptocurrency market and what awaits people in the future.

07/09/19 05:00 UTC-5
CharityBlockchain and cryptocurrencies can help the poor

Blockchain technology can help poor people around the world

​Cryptocurrency and blockchain are developing rapidly around the world to service virtual peer-to-peer transactions using digital currency. This allows people to send money directly to the recipient without intermediaries. Virtual money has made everyday life a lot easier for many of us, but can it help fight poverty in countries?

15/08/19 07:32 UTC-5
CryptoGEOCryptocurrencies and the Vatican: financial geography

Financial geography: cryptocurrencies reached the Vatican

​Cryptocurrencies have already become a global achievement in the financial sector. The digital industry has spread to all capitals and world centers. Interestingly, even religious centers were no exception and also use Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

08/08/19 11:00 UTC-5
CharityBitcoin to help animal shelter

Cryptocurrencies – as a way to help homeless pets

​Governments around the world are increasingly interested in developing the blockchain and adopting a digital currency for charity, although few have introduced clear rules regarding the new type of currency at the legislative level.

28/07/19 10:00 UTC-5
CryptoGEOCryptocurrencies in Estonia. Geography

Financial geography: cryptocurrency in Estonia

​The cryptocurrency sector is constantly expanding around the world. Most states have reacted in one way or another to the emergence of a new financial system. Today we will talk about how things are with cryptocurrency assets in the territory of a North European country, Estonia.

24/07/19 11:27 UTC-5
CryptEUREKAConnection eSports industry with cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies and eSports: how the two industries are connected

​Today, cryptocurrencies are increasingly used in many industries that are not directly related to the financial sector. For example, crypto engage in charity or travel. Many blockchain platforms with internal tokens have a narrow focus. It is interesting, but even such a direction as eSports has not been without the influence of digital money.

11/07/19 08:14 UTC-5
CharityBlockchain and charity

Blockchain solution returns confidence in the charity sector

Even though today there are a huge number of worthy charities, it is very difficult to trust 100% of any kind. The data available to you will not show where and how many of your donations have arrived in the right hands and are beneficial. Transparency in charity is a problem.

04/07/19 05:54 UTC-5
CharityGiveCrypto Project

The GiveCrypto project extends a helping hand to those in need

​Much of the growing interest in Bitcoins and other digital currencies has focused on individual financial gain. However, for those who prefer to use their digital assets to make positive changes in the world, there is also the opportunity to donate funds to charity using cryptocurrency savings.

30/06/19 04:00 UTC-5
CryptEUREKACar for cryptocurrency

Buy your next car using Bitcoins

​Der Kauf eines Autos mit Kryptowährung ist jetzt noch einfacher. In den letzten Jahren ist eine ausreichende Anzahl von Automobilunternehmen auf dem Markt erschienen, die ihre Dienste Kryptowährungseignern anbieten.

28/06/19 03:28 UTC-5
CryptoGEOCryptocurrencies in Australia: financial geography

Financial geography: cryptocurrency in Australia

Along with the growth rate of the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency and other Altcoins, the entire cryptocurrency sector is growing. Today, the crypto-industry ranks eighth in the world in terms of capitalization, surpassing even the franc. Geographic locations of the centers of crypto-development also spread throughout the world.