Publications about cryptocurrency and mining

09/10/19 10:50 UTC-4
CryptEUREKAHow quantum technologies will change the cryptocurrency market

How quantum technologies will affect cryptocurrency: what Google doesn’t say

​A document announcing Google’s achievements in quantum computing has appeared on NASA’s official website. Emphasis was put on the fact that technologies are threatening the crypto industry. The document has been deleted, but analysts attribute the report to the further decline in Bitcoin’s rate. In this review, we’ll observe what fate awaits the cryptocurrency market and what awaits people in the future.

03/10/19 09:12 UTC-4
TradingTrading for dummies: the bulls, bears, and whales of the cryptocurrency market

Trading for dummies: “Bulls,” “bears,” and other animals of the market

Trading beginners periodically see the following terms: “bulls,” “bears,” and “whales.” In order for the trading in the cryptocurrency market to bring profit, it is necessary to deal with them. It is not about becoming a zoologist: animal names indicate the current market price. Let’s look at them closer.

25/09/19 13:00 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyWhat to expect from the upcoming Ethereum hardfork

Ethereum Hardfork: what to prepare for network fans

​Unlike the main cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, the Ethereum network did not resort to a large number of updates. However, the developers did not stand aside: already at the beginning of October there will be a hardfork with a beautiful name – Istanbul. What Ethereum fans will face.

25/09/19 09:30 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyNews does not affect the appreciation of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is falling despite positive news

​Last week, the main cryptocurrency did not show growth, taking with it lower and lower the cost of other cryptocurrencies. So, the peak of growth occurred on 09/19/2019, when the price of Bitcoin was $10, 270.5. In recent days, the value cannot rise above $10000. What affects the depreciation and is growth expected in the near future?

18/09/19 08:30 UTC-4
OtherThe best cryptocurrency wallets for smartphones

The 5 most popular cryptocurrency wallets of 2019 for Android and iOS

​Today, the use of crypto-technologies on a mobile device has become very popular. There are many ways to store cryptocurrency online. Your smartphone is a great resource for tracking your investments. It is almost always with you, it is powerful, and has many applications that will help you keep abreast of cryptocurrency market news.

07/09/19 06:00 UTC-4
CharityBlockchain and cryptocurrencies can help the poor

Blockchain technology can help poor people around the world

​Cryptocurrency and blockchain are developing rapidly around the world to service virtual peer-to-peer transactions using digital currency. This allows people to send money directly to the recipient without intermediaries. Virtual money has made everyday life a lot easier for many of us, but can it help fight poverty in countries?

26/08/19 04:00 UTC-4
MiningNPPs can make $6 billion mining BTC

$6 billion unearned: How much Ukrainian NPPs can earn from BTC mining

Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) discovered illegal mining at the South Ukraine nuclear power plant. It is still unknown who mined the cryptocurrency, but security officials have already closed the "business." It was in vain, though, because it could have brought billions of dollars in profits on an industrial scale.

22/08/19 05:24 UTC-4
Cryptocurrency$11 billion threatened

$11 billion at stake: what the Ripple litigation will bring

​Ripple is the third largest cryptocurrency, with a market capitalization of $11 billion. The project constantly delights investors with news of cooperation with another financial or technical giant. All could have been fine, but one lawsuit questions the whole project.

17/08/19 10:00 UTC-4
CryptEUREKABuying furniture for cryptocurrency

The best ways to buy furniture online for Bitcoins

For most of its existence, the Bitcoin community (BTC) believed that cryptocurrency would be a viable alternative to the many centralized payment systems on the market. However, BTC is currently primarily used as a long-term investment – an asset like gold or stocks.

15/08/19 08:32 UTC-4
CryptoGEOCryptocurrencies and the Vatican: financial geography

Financial geography: cryptocurrencies reached the Vatican

​Cryptocurrencies have already become a global achievement in the financial sector. The digital industry has spread to all capitals and world centers. Interestingly, even religious centers were no exception and also use Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

08/08/19 12:00 UTC-4
CharityBitcoin to help animal shelter

Cryptocurrencies – as a way to help homeless pets

​Governments around the world are increasingly interested in developing the blockchain and adopting a digital currency for charity, although few have introduced clear rules regarding the new type of currency at the legislative level.

07/08/19 12:00 UTC-4
CryptEUREKAHow cryptocurrencies protect privacy and anonymity

Anonymous payments – how cryptocurrencies protect privacy

​One of the main differences between cryptocurrency and fiat money is the system of anonymity in digital transactions. In addition, the particle "crypto" in the term "cryptocurrency" indicates the use of cryptography (information encryption technology) to indicate the identity of participants in cryptocurrency transfers.

06/08/19 13:00 UTC-4
CryptocurrencyCryptocurrencies taxation: how it happens

Cryptocurrency taxes – what is it and how will it affect the financial market

​As you know, the last few months, state governments talk a lot about cryptocurrency. Especially a lot of controversy and reasoning began after the presentation of the Libra stablecoin from Facebook, which caused a wave of negative reviews in the United States Senate. After cryptocurrencies became part of high-profile discussions among financial regulators, a new item appeared in the legislation of many countries –taxes on cryptocurrency.

06/08/19 07:50 UTC-4
MiningAIOminer overview

AIOminer – a universal solution for cryptocurrency mining

​As you know, cryptocurrency mining software is a method used to create a new cryptocurrency and add components to an existing blockchain. After mining, the new cryptocurrency is checked and belongs to the mining side as a reward for participating in the blockchain.

03/08/19 05:00 UTC-4
CryptoGEOCryptocurrencies in Iran. Financial geography

Financial Geography: Cryptocurrencies in Iran

​Cryptocurrencies in the global financial market have long received the status of innovation, which helps to circumvent the sanctions of other states. For example, in Iran, a country with 81 million people, Bitcoin and altcoins effectively help circumvent all United States bans.

01/08/19 13:31 UTC-4
CharityWater Project accepts crypto-donations

Crypto-donations provide a supply of water to communities in Africa

​The technology underlying cryptocurrencies is gradually entering the charitable sector, providing ever-increasing transparency and trust in the industry, especially given the decline in people's trust in charitable organizations, where the public is increasingly concerned about how charities spend their money.

28/07/19 11:00 UTC-4
CryptoGEOCryptocurrencies in Estonia. Geography

Financial geography: cryptocurrency in Estonia

​The cryptocurrency sector is constantly expanding around the world. Most states have reacted in one way or another to the emergence of a new financial system. Today we will talk about how things are with cryptocurrency assets in the territory of a North European country, Estonia.

24/07/19 12:27 UTC-4
CryptEUREKAConnection eSports industry with cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies and eSports: how the two industries are connected

​Today, cryptocurrencies are increasingly used in many industries that are not directly related to the financial sector. For example, crypto engage in charity or travel. Many blockchain platforms with internal tokens have a narrow focus. It is interesting, but even such a direction as eSports has not been without the influence of digital money.