Privacy policy

Privacy policy for the Cryptobit Media site

The following privacy policy applies to all products that are part of the Cryptobit.Media Information Agency, including the Internet site, publications, images, all social networking pages and other Cryptobit.Media copyright objects.

In some cases, Cryptobit.Media reserves the right to publish additional privacy notices for published information, as well as the right to change privacy policy.


Content and links policy

For a comfortable viewing of information, all services of the Cryptobit.Media news agency have the right to place links to other sources of information. We are not responsible for the features of content, information policy or privacy of any resources other than those owned by Cryptobit Media.


Readers of the site and policy of comments, statements

Cryptobit Media's resources give their readers the opportunity to express thoughts, impressions, wishes or recommendations. All the information that was posted on our resources, with the addition of a name (real or alias), page ID in any social network, and also added to comments or independent images – are considered as public domain, and therefore can be used by us in advertising, commercial, informational purposes.

Importantly! We are not responsible for the personal information provided by users in posting comments. In addition, we do not undertake to publish, edit, delete any information added by the user.

Also, if the user decides to participate in a public discussion, other users of the service may use the proposed (provided) information for discussion, fixing or sending unsolicited messages. Cryptobit.Media Privacy Policy does not apply to data added by users.


Cryptobit.Media privacy policy on social networking pages

If a user comments, tracks, distributes or discusses publications made by Cryptobit.Media on our Facebook, Twitter, Telegram or YouTube channels, all its actions are governed by the Privacy Policy of the selected resource. Cryptobit.Media reserves the right not to monitor, store or respond to user actions on social networks. However, subject to registration on our site, we have the right to record, monitor and analyze the actions of information consumers on it.

Importantly! By participating in commenting, discussion or public discussion, the user automatically agrees that his actions receive public status. In addition, they can be included in RSS feeds, APIs, and become available to other websites using other formats.

All information provided may appear on other sources of information. Cryptobit.Media is not responsible for distributing information to other users on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram or YouTube!

When disclosing any information on social pages on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram or YouTube, all data will be deemed to have been provided by the user personally, not Cryptobit.Media.


Reliability and processing of received user information

We do not verify the user information we received. Also, we do not control the legal personality of users. Cryptobit.Media is not responsible for the actions of information consumers and reserves the right not to check the identity of the registered user.


In addition:

  1. The information provided by users of Facebook, Twitter, Telegram or YouTube social networks when using the service (social network) may be used as personal information provided by the user.
  2. Visitor Information – when accessing the Cryptobit.Media service through a browser, program, or any other client server, Cryptobit.Media has the right to automatically capture certain information such as: web requests, IP-address, browser type and language, date and time of the request, cookies.
  3. Messages from users when interacting with Cryptobit.Media (including editors or technical support) may be stored for further processing of these messages for answering questions or improving the system. Cryptobit.Media can contact the user at the email address (or other contacts) specified by the user.

Importantly! Cryptobit.Media is not responsible for the sites (and any other information resources) that use our products. Cryptobit.Media is also not responsible for the actions of people or resources that use the information you provided for your own purposes.


Custom information for Cryptobit.Media

In addition, information provided by users of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Telegram or YouTube) can be used for the following purposes:

  1. To support, protect, and improve the applications, pages or channel of Cryptobit.Media.
  2. To protect the copyright and property rights of Cryptobit.Media.


This is to confirm that the use of the information specified by (provided by) the user is permitted for the purposes of the Cryptobit Media privacy policy.

Important to the user! Most browsers are automatically configured to receive cookies, but the user can remove the configuration format. That is, to indicate that the browser has blocked all cookies, sent notifications and sent cookies solely with the consent of the user. If you block cookies, certain Cryptobit.Media features will become inaccessible.

Cryptobit Media reserves the right to use the Google Project Shield DDOS Protection Services. Which means that any information collected will be processed by Google Inc. (in accordance with Google Inc. policies)


Open access to Cryptobit Media

Cryptobit Media, under certain circumstances, has the right to disclose information to other users, companies, government organizations, law enforcement agencies or individuals.

Below is a list of situations where Cryptobit Media provides third-party information:

  1. If the user has allowed to use, distribute, transmit information.
  2. Information may be passed to the Cryptobit.Media subsidiary for verification purposes.
  3. Information can be passed to trusted organizations for processing, validation on behalf of Cryptobit Media.
  4. If the information is necessary for: state regulatory bodies (upon request); in preventing fraudulent actions; in accordance with the law; for solving security issues; during investigations; to eliminate technical problems.


Information security policy

Cryptobit Media protects all information from unauthorized access, destruction, and unlawful disclosure.

Among the methods that Cryptobit Media uses to protect information, the following are present:

  1. Internal verification of information and methods (processes) of its collection (provision).
  2. Storage of information in accordance with the safety rules.
  3. Information in accordance with the protection rules.
  4. System of protection against unauthorized access to information.
  5. Encryption of information and measures to ensure its protection.
  6. Protection and coding of systems where personal data is stored.

Information may be provided under the Cryptobit.Media Access Policy (see above) or Cryptobit.Media Custodian, subject to the Privacy Policy.


Cryptobit.Media Policy changes

Users of any of Cryptobit.Media Services accept the terms of our Privacy Policy. However (as indicated in the first paragraph), we reserve the right to change this policy in accordance with our personal wishes.

Information about all changes made is fixed and updated on this page.


If you have questions about the privacy policy of Cryptobit Media, you can contact us at