Jerg Wos

Jerg Wos


"Every informed person should know about Bitcoin, because he can be one of the most important achievements in the world" – Leon Louw, candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

I am writing about the fact that it is incredibly interesting to myself – probably, this is the main condition for the text to turn out alive. It is these publications that I try to do – lively, understandable and relevant. I hope that every reader will be able not only to perceive what has been written, but also to get involved in the topic with me.

My attitude to cryptocurrencies is positive. I believe that soon, crypto and blockchain will make our life easier. Once, in the fourth millennium BC, people invented a wheel, and this discovery pushed a person to progress. Bitcoin is in some sense like the "economic wheel" that characterizes the new era of global finance. And, you know, I am very pleased that, thanks to my work, I can follow how this era is "born"! I would be glad if you decide to get acquainted with the crypto-world together with me and our website!