Godfrid Brower

Godfrid Brower


"If you go to a place where no one has ever been, you will find amazing things that were not known before." – M. Casey "The Era of cryptocurrencies. How Bitcoin and Blockchain change the world order."

Uncertainty and novelty are the main reasons that carried me into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. From an early age I was interested in economics, finance and how the world economic relations are arranged. I have always noticed frequent inconsistencies, some illogicality in centralized banking systems. Therefore, I sincerely became interested in the birth of a fundamentally new form of monetary management – cryptocurrency.

It is not the first year that I have been studying Bitcoin and other Altcoins with great joy and enthusiasm, following the most interesting nuances of the development of blockchain-projects and the crypto-industry. In addition, I am undoubtedly happy that I can share my large and small discoveries with readers!